Are people still buying Shutters? We get this question a lot. SPOILER ALERT!! The answer is YES – but let’s take a deeper dive into – WHY?

A bit of background. Shutters on windows date back as far as the early 1900’s in Europe. Typically a wooden product mounted on the outside of the window. In fact, you can walk the streets of Paris now and many of the older architecture still have them. 

In the 1990’s and 2000’s – California Shutters were a hot commodity in the interior window covering world. We believe there are many reasons for this. The “Shutter” ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to window covering solutions. Especially, with the rise in popularity of the Polysatin Shutter – a Vinyl Product. Shutters offer optimal light control – the louvers tilt in both directions allowing you to control light and privacy. They are very low maintenance, a wipe with soap and water will usually do the trick. Dish soap will do! Our “go-to” supplier, eclipse shutters ( offer a 25 year warranty. This warranty covers warping, chipping, peeling, fading etc. – many of the issues that a wooden California Shutter has been known to be subject to. 

The Louvers (a.k.a. Blades, Slats, the things you move) come in different sizes. Here’s how this ties into the question at hand – Are Shutters still a Stylish Choice? Yes, they are. The Design of a shutter is timeless and can be designed in a manner to achieve different looks. Your Modern, contemporary, transitional decors will look for the largest possible Louver Size, ideally 4 1/2” with a Gear Based operating mechanism. Your Traditional decor will opt for the 2 1/2” louver with the traditional tilt bar in the front Center that allows you to control the louvers. 

The Eclipse Shutter offers an “Ultra Satin” Finish – it’s a Polyresin 3 Vinyl product that LOOKS and FEELS so much like a wood shutter. It’s not shiny or cheap looking. In our opinion, they are the “Cadillac” of California Shutters. They offer a lot of value. They are low maintenance, they look incredible, they are ultra sleek and stylish. All this being said they are easy to clean, offer a great 3.4 “R-Value” for optimal energy effiency and they last forever. They are the first choice that comes to mind for kitchens and bathrooms as they do so well in such high humidity areas.

If you would like us to get you a quote on the beautiful , functional , stylish product – send us a message and we can walk you through the process! We have been selling and installing this brand for over 18 years. We take pride in our work and would love to work with you!

This Blog was written on one of the coldest days in a long time in Ontario. I’m currently letting the sunshine in on the South facing windows and (Louvers open) and keeping my warm air in on the opposite side of the home (Louvers Closed). This will certainly help with my heating costs!